Studio Space at Music Mart Inc.

These are truly new and exciting times for Music Mart Inc., and we are changing with those times with a fresh update to our image. You asked, and we listened. We are excited to announce that Music …

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Studio Space at Music Mart Inc.


These are truly new and exciting times for Music Mart Inc., and we are changing with those times with a fresh update to our image. You asked, and we listened.

We are excited to announce that Music Mart has expanded to add newly furnished studio time for rent. You heard that right! With each studio you can teach, rehearse with friends, practice or even hold auditions. Each studio is equipped with space for several to participate; some with upright pianos as well. With family waiting areas, teacher use of break room with kitchen, access to our full line of sheet music, referrals, walk-in inquiries, shared advertising, and a teacher account with Music Mart – this is what you’ve been waiting for!

Is it no longer practical to teach at home? Are you ready to have a more professional image for your business? Music Mart Studios is your perfect solution. Come or call for more information.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, our customers, better.

Together, let’s keep up the music!



Music Mart’s Summer Sacred Choral Reading Session Series

Join us this summer for a choral reading session that will provide you with the best new music for Fall and Christmas 2015!  You’ll find music for every level, in a variety of styles, presented by experienced, knowledgeable clinicians.  It’s the best way to find the music you need and “recharge your enthusiasm” for the new year.  there will be special drawings and discounts on the day of the session too!

Choose the dates and location that best fit your schedule. Music Mart is hosting sessions in Denver Colorado, Albuquerque New Mexico and Phoenix Arizona. Clinicians for this series include Pepper Choplin, Larry Shackley and Joel Raney. Session dates are Friday July 31 (DEN), August 7 (ABQ) and August 14 (PHX).

Registrations can be made by phone at 1-800-545-6204 ext 713, or on our website at

Music Study and Creativity

Note-like colors, words, and numbers – are symbols that make expression possible. A child who studies music learns to use them to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas and is taught to recognize these expressions in the world of others.  Learning to communicate in this way is at the heart of intellectual and cultural development and generates skills that strengthen a child’s creative abilities. In addition to helping develop this creative potential, the study of music also reinforces the connection between diligence and individual accomplishment.  The power of music literacy to enrich a child’s creative impulse is another reason why music study is an essential part of a basic education.

The above is one in a series of twelve from the Foundation for Advancement of Education in Music. Music Mart celebrates music and its enrichment qualities every day. We strive to bring music to life.

Music study – think about it. It’s an education for life.

Music Essential in Development of Young Minds

On occasion we read a fascinating article about how important music is to the development of the human brain. Every day we come to work and we see it first hand. From the child taking piano lessons to the adult who comes in to rent an instrument, we know it’s true. Recently Mia Chung of the Philadelphia Inquirer penned an article about the importance of music education and how playing a musical instrument develops an important neurocognitive skill known as executive function. Strong EF is critical for the brain to operate in school and in life.  Read the full article on the website: Musical essential in development of young minds. Explore your musical side in our Albuquerque store or on our website at

Music Study and Poise

Personal poise and the ability to behave gracefully in public are distinguishing attributes of great value.  Music study offers numerous opportunities to develop these skills.  Learning to perform in public gives a child self-confidence and helps to overcome the fear of public appearances. Performance also teaches control of movement, good posture, and the courage that Ernest Hemingway described as “grace under pressure”  The result is that as poise increases, so does the pleasure a child feels in sharing what he or she has learned with teachers, family and friends.

Music study – think about it. It’s an education for life.

Penned by Foundation for Advancement of Education in Music and shared by Music Mart Albuquerque.

An Education for Life: Music Study and the Adult Learner

Did you know that research shows that mental functions such as memory and problem-solving grow stronger and last longer if they are exercised? Stretching the mind makes good sense, and the ongoing study of music can be tone of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways of aiding mental development.  Music study brings exposure to new ideas, encourages memorization and organized thinking, and stimulates a complex interaction of intellectual, psychological and physical responses.  What’s more, as an adult you bring a lifetime of experience and understanding to your studies that you didn’t have when you were younger.  Because of this, adult learners can think more analytically and progress faster, enjoy longer attention spans, and are more motivated.  By choosing to study music, you sharpen your perceptions, sensitize your emotions, and continue to cultivate your mind.

Music study – think about it. It’s an education for life. 

Penned by Foundation for the Advancement of Education in Music – shared by Music Mart Albuquerque

Music Mart specialized in sheet music, methods and collections for every instrument. Want to learn to play an instrument? Our knowledgeable staff can suggest the perfect method for any instrument, based on your level of play. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’d love to help you! Stop in the store at 3301 Carlisle Blvd, NE in Albuquerque, NM, give us a call at 800-545-6204 or visit us on the web at